The Christoval Dam is Critical

Its not just about kayaking in Pugh Park or swinging from a rope swing into the cool clear waters.  The Christoval Dam creates a significant community reservoir –   this reservoir slowly seeps into the subsurface soils – which provide well water to the surrounding residents, businesses, farms, and schools around Christoval.  Were the dam to fail, residence time for the waters of the South Concho River would be greatly reduced in the area, and so would the effective watershed area.  Wells would run dry.

Not to mention the irrigation canal that supplies many residents, farmers, and ranchers with water directly from the canal.  With no dam, the canal would dry up, impacting hundreds of people who rely on that water daily.

Finally, the irrigation canal diverts approximately 50% of the water volume of the South Concho, until it finally reunites with the river approximately 3.5 miles down river.  After almost 150 years, almost the entire community downriver from Christoval depends on the flows and dynamics of this dual stream arrangement.  Without the dam and associated canal, river levels at the low water crossing at Mineral Wells Road would rise – eliminating access for an entire community of residents.