Failure is not an Option

There are over 7500 dams in Texas – more than any other state –  and the vast majority are privately owned by individuals and communities (like Christoval).  The State of Texas and County governments have limited funds and resources to devote to maintaining these critical community features.  In fact, government and regulatory bodies have expressed a desire to limit future dam construction and remove existing dams wherever possible, citing maintenance costs and environmental impacts as justifications. 

If we allow the Christoval Dam to fail, it is unlikely that the community will gain approval for a new construction.  Even if successful, the process of approvals and permitting can easily take 5 years or more.  And today’s highly regulated environment will drive construction prices 5-10 times higher than repair costs will be today.  What will happen to this vibrant, beautiful community when its residents can no longer gain access to good water sources?  We can’t afford to take that chance.